chicken scratch

random thoughts and doodles, with some other things tossed in.

Some trees I designed for the same film as the rocks. I love designing trees as well!

Something catch your eye there, lass?
Doodles of my two kitties. Elliot is a bengal siamese and Molly is a main coon siamese. 
Are you ready Jamie?
With the Scottish independence vote happening tomorrow, I thought I would share my husband’s very emotional response to the issue while watching Outlander last weekend. 
This show! Are you not watching it? You should be! I mean, how can you not love a character introduced like this?

I find so much enjoyment from drawing rocks and boulders, it’s very zen. Fortunately almost every movie has rocks in it at some point! I am working on some right now for a movie, and it’s reminded me of these rocks I did a few years ago for another film. They wanted some very zany rocks. 

My sweet Main Coon Molly
Mr. Wednesday enjoys a slice of cake.